Bundles that keep on evolving

Towards a workflow like never seen before


Ad publication and marketing
0 /user/month*
  • Ad publication in Etuovi.com
  • Easy-to-read statistic charts
  • Ad management
  • Leads


Succesful sales from start to finish
49 /user/month**
  • Publication to various marketplaces
  • Marketing materials in your company's brand image
  • Contracts and documents
  • Complete DIAS – Digital Real Estate Sales process
  • Reports
  • 30 e-signatures/user/month***


From leads to recurring commissions

Price and content to be
announced in 2023
  • The most comprehensive digital real estate brokerage service in the market – right at your fingertips.

*The valid VAT is added to the prices. **Customers who do not have a valid Etuovi.com Basic or Brand Visibility package, will be charged a basic fee of 165 €/month + VAT in addition to the user license. *** The excess e-signatures 0,90 €/piece

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