A continuously evolving service offering

OviPro is designed to facilitate the sale and rental of apartments, properties and business premises.

It offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that connects sellers and buyers as well as landlords and tenants with real estate agents on the same platform.

Did you know that it’s easy for other operators to integrate with OviPro or that you can build your own solutions in our ecosystem?

REST APIs in JSON are familiar to developers. You can find extensive documentation and examples of our API solutions on the OviPro developers pages.


Ad publication and marketing
0 /user/month + VAT
  • Ad publication in Etuovi.com
  • Easy-to-read statistic charts
  • Ad management
  • Leads


Successful sales from start to finish
49 /user/month + VAT
  • Basic-level CRM
  • Sales, rental and purchase assignments and offers, including tendering
  • Versatile sales and window brochures with your own brand identity
  • Sales contract templates and lease agreements
  • All business transaction types supported by DIAS
  • Electronic signatures applicable to all documents
  • Consistent housing association information
  • Business-supporting reporting
  • Interfaces and integrations
  • 30 electronic signatures/user/month


Superior customer management

/user/month + VAT

Includes extensive CRM
functionalities such as:
  • Lead management
  • Task management
  • Marketing automation

Trust your business in the best hands