Real care for real estate.

Nurture customer relationships and boost property sales with ease. OviPro streamlines your sales from first contact to closing, wherever you are. Step inside and explore more.

What our customers say:

Making work
easier, carefree and more enjoyable.

OviPro gives you everything you need as a real estate professional. With just a single sign-in, you’ll gain access to the latest and most comprehensive market information and all the essential tools of your trade.

OviPro combines more than 20 years of expertise, Finland’s most popular real estate services, and user friendly technology, so that you can focus on sales and customer care.

Streamlines your work

Adapts to your needs

Ensures peace of mind

Matches your company's unique needs

OviPro is steadily evolving into the market’s most comprehensive real estate platform, offering three different service packages to suit your needs: Starter, Standard, and Premium.

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