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OviPro is Alma Media´s new service for every real estate professional. It brings all the information, data and tools a real estate professional needs – in just one login.

Developed together with customers, OviPro is designed to offer ease and joy of work by taking into account the requirements of the industry. OviPro is gradually built into the most extensive entity of the market. Enjoy smooth transactions on the go and in the office.

What to expect and when?

The first phase of OviPro is here – get a feel of your future tools in advance

Be among the first to get a feel of OviPro and have a chance to express your thoughts and ideas straight to our developers. 

Why choose OviPro

Works like a charm

We get it – your time is way too precious to be spent struggling with different services. We are committed to reducing the amount of manual and overlapping work with a service bundle that supports all of your work phases. Now and in the future.

Not just a one time thing

You will get our full devosion and support – for life. Alma Media has comprehensive experience and background in digital & publishing solutions that serve as a strong backbone in developing services for professionals in the real estate industry. You might already be familiar with our services such as:

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KIVI Real Estate ERP-system
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Everything you need for your work in the real estate industry

Everything you need

We understand that the real estate industry consists of various operators and needs. That’s why we have designed a comprehensive service bundle that supports your work whether you are a sales assistant, a CEO or a real estate agent. 

Workflow so smooth you get lost in the zone

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